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There will be 7 weeks of lessons this summer (depending on weather, player interest and coach availability, lessons could be extended).  We will be offering 7 one-week / 4 day sessions Monday through Thursday beginning with the week of June 17th and ending the week of July 29th.  The week of July 1st, there will only be 3 days of lessons.

We Encourage all lessons to be signed up for and paid through the web site.  If Paying via Credit Card on line is not an option then we prefer checks over cash. Refunds cannot be given for classes missed after a session has begun.  By following this policy, we are able to maintain the highest quality of lessons with our excellent pros.  Thank you for your cooperation.  

Beginners Monday - Thursday 1:15pm-2:15pm
Level of play is entry level through basic knowledge
Introduction to tennis
Learn to keep score and basic fundamentals
Court etiquette, rules of the game and game strategy will be introduced
Shorter nets will be used (as needed), smaller court, lower bouncing balls
Goal progression is to move kids onto C-team and C-team apprentice
Main objective-FUN!!!


Lessons and Pay As You Play Format
Lessons are the best way to learn tennis and to improve your skills. Advantages include:

Small class size- more individual attention
Members of the same ability level
Same class members prove consistency- Pro is able to plan specialized lessons
More structure and sequencing of skills taught and learned
More focus on fundamentals

Refer to the registration forms for exact class offerings and times

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